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Magic Mountain & The Secret Window


A place where all your dreams come true… An enchanted forest where the elves and fairies are everywhere and the perfect place to find yourself.

Un lugar donde tus sueños se harán realidad… Un bosque encantado donde hadas y duendes están por todos lados y el lugar perfecto para encontrarte contigo mismo.

Thank you!

You all make this blog possible.

Everytime you visit this site theres a new smile in my face. Make this kind of things has no sense if the people don’t put its heart on it!
I´ll keep working everyday to take you all new places across America and I hope you keep enjoying what I do….

Thank you very much

Todos ustedes hacen este blog posible.

Cada vez que alguien lo visita hay una nueva sonrisa en mi cara. Hacer este tipo de cosas realmente no tiene sentido sino se hacen con el corazón.

Seguiré trabajando cada día para llevarles nuevos destinos y espero que los disfruten tanto como yo.

Muchas gracias a todos

Cabin in the woods

An old cabin at the outsides of Puerto fuy.
Una vieja cabaña a las afueras de Puerto Fuy.



Puerto Fuy’s fire department!
Departamento de bomberos de Puerto Fuy

Puerto Fuy!

This is the nearest town of huilo-huilo.
You can walk from the hotel. Its a 40 minutes walk following the international road.
This town looks like a ghost town… Really. You can see the smoke from de fireplaces but theres no people outside at least during my stay.

The town is the perfect place for outdoor activities (fly fishing, sail sports or hiking). And you can find this at the marina fuy hotel a beautiful boutique hotel by the lake and near to the ferry’s dock
Yeah theres a ferry here and you can take it 3 times per day to go to the town of Pirehueico at San Martín de los Andes in Argentina.
NOTE: The ferry goes 3 times to San Martin during summer (january-february) the rest of the year is just one shipping.


The price for the ferry is USD 2 if your walking, USD 6 for bicycles, or USD 30 if you have your car with you.

During the winter is very difficult to find a restaurant, bar or simply what ever!!! Everything is always closed… But is a nice place for pictures and having a quiet walk!!




Deer track!

In front of huilo-huilo just a few minutes away from the Petermann beer factory and Pizza… Theres another great place in this paradise.
A place where you can see deers all over the place meanwhile your walking on a high bridge that take you all over.
You can feel here the call of nature and see how deers live in their natural habitat.
The picture is perfect: deers, fog, cold, green, grass and maybe a little of snow at the top of the mountain..

Simply amazing and beautiful.





Justo en frente de huilo-huilo y a unos cuantos minutos de la cervecería y pizzería Petermann, hay otro gran lugar de este paraíso.
Un lugar donde podrás observar decenas de ciervos mientras caminas por un puente elevado sobre el lugar.
Acá podrás sentir el llamado de la naturaleza y ver como viven estos animales en su hábitat natural.
El lugar perfecto: Ciervos, frío, neblina, verde, grama y posiblemente para terminar de adornar el pastel un poco de nieve en las montañas.