What 2 do

Once in the Island you have many plans to do.

Heres a short list about some that I made and some others that have no time but I would love to: (later I´ll show you some places that need more space than this ones)

1.Horse riding (Cristophe can help you with this and recommend you the best riders of the place) Here you can go up into Tera Vaca the highest place in all the Island and where you have a 360 view os this spectacular place.

The trip is for about 1:30 hours and just includes the horses and the guide so it will be good if you can take some snacks and water.

The price is around USD 25 p/p



2.Diving: Theres a few places for this adventure. Two of theme are in the Hanga Roa dock (Mikerapu and Orca this last with a very nice history about Jacques Cousteau´s Calypso) but you should go to the place where the cruise ships arrive…. Theres where the real adventure is. And besides you can see the sea turtles from the shore.

In this diving you can see a sink MOAI and a lot of species that you wont see in any other place of the world, besides the deep blue color of the ocean here is something just amazing.

The price is around USD 70 p/p


3.Dance show: You can find a few places where to see a native dance show.

Here I let you a short-short list where you can see some of it:

*Te Ra’ai

*Kari kari ballet

You can get into one of it for USD 14 p/p (just the dance show- beverages and food is not include it)


4.Caves: Around the island theres a lot of caves that if you have a map and you’re willing to walk, this is the perfect plan.

The name for cave in the island is ANA so if you see this on a map go for it.

Some of the most popular ANAS in the Island are:

*Ana Te Pahu

*Two windows cave

*Ana Ka Tangata



5.Beaches: Eastern Island is a volcanic island so most of it are cliffs. But theres a really nice beach like 30 minutes from Hanga Roa on a car, but you can go on bikes or bicycles if you wan it. The transport is very difficult in the area so it would be nice if you have a rental car or have a taxi driver who take you and pick you up again.

There you can have traditional food and drinks (sodas and beer) 



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