Theres something about Medellin!!

Once you arrive to Medellin you can breath the fresh air and from the plane see the lovely landscape of this place.
The international airport is like 45 minutes away of the city and you can take direct flights from: Madrid, Miami, New York, Quito, Guayaquil, Lima, Panama, México, Curaçao, Fort Lauderdale and some of the airlines that flights here are Avianca, LAN, Copa, American Airlines, Air galápagos…
Or ir you dont find a direct flight you can take one to Bogotá and make the connection.
After you land in here theres a lot of options to go down to the city: cab like USD 35, share cab USD 7 or take a bus for USD 2 this last goes to the downtown of the city!! I recommend the second option and take a cab in San Diego (The place where it leaves you) for you hostel!
For rates and options about hostels try and is better to have one in El Poblado area or make some couchsurfing ir you want!!
This is the city where the painter Fernando Botero born as the singer Juanes so dont let you take by the bad reputation about the city because you are going to get in love from its people and its beauty.



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