The countryside

Just 30 minutes away from Medellin is the countryside known as the antioquian east.
Is a place with a lot of little traditional towns and where some of the people from the city have their country houses for the weekend.


If you are in Medellin you just cant miss this trip. You can contact me for groups and travels around this place to
The place is really amazing and quiet. You can have a real contact with nature and feel the fresh air as you should.
During the trip you find some towns like: El Retiro, La Ceja, Rionegro, San Antonio, La Unión and many others.
Esch place has some speciality so it work the wood, handscraft, traditionL food, fruits or even flowers so you have to try to explore all that you can.


Colombia is a catholic country so you will see churches all over the place and each town could have 2 or 3.
I have it here as reference of the spanish architecture of the colonial times because mostly of this towns were stablished by them 400 years ago.



During the whole trip you can see the traditional houses of the area and been in touch with the people and the culture of each place.
Really an amazing experience that you have to live.





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